I am Yi Li, an interactive Designer based in Boston. I specialize in User experience design, New Media Design, and Service Design.

As a designer, I have always been drawn to creative experiments and innovative ideas. Although mainly trained in the discipline of graphic design as an undergraduate, I have always thought of design as something more than simply creating aesthetically pleasing compositions, but problem-solving through creative and artistic explorations. During the course of my studies, I found myself attracted to unconventional design and art pieces that incorporated emerging technologies and new media. By engaging with new technologies in their works, designers and artists can not only find new forms and embodiments for their ideas, but also discover new perspectives to address and re-exercise old themes. In this sense, I believe in Marshall McLuhan’s notion that “the medium is the message”—the media that different design works take on would inform and shape their meanings and purposes. With rapid expansion in the range and capabilities of new technologies that are available to us, the interfaces that mediate human-computer interactions are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and versatile in terms of the forms they take. One common consensus in the field is that good designs should be like air: we only take notice when it is absent. How does this translate to design practices in this age and time, when the environment we live in and the way we perceive it have drastically changed?
I look forward to work and grow in a creative, challenging and thought-driven environment together with other designers, whom I get to exchange ideas with and draw inspirations from. 

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